Soul Healing

Soul healing helps people who have a reasonable degree of personality health and integration move to the next step in their personal journey of growth and awakening.

Soul healing is a deep psycho-spiritual shamanic path with focus on aligning you with your True Self and your best destiny tracks. Soul healing helps you expand your spiritual awareness, heal multi-lifetime karmic patterns and themes, build conscious connections with your spirit guides, develop loving soulmate relationships, and achieve personal and professional goals that are in alignment with your True Self and your soul’s path.

How Does Soul Healing Work?

Soul healing starts with the premise that this lifetime is one life in a series that focus on fulfilling specific soul contracts and learning specific soul lessons. True healing and worldly success comes from connecting with your true self and fulfilling your soul contracts.

In soul healing, interactively guided shamanic trance journeys are used to access lower, middle, and upper spiritual worlds and work directly with the compassionate spirits and places of healing and wisdom that are a part of non-ordinary reality. Experiences that occur on soul healing journeys to non-ordinary reality have a profound impact on your day to day life and are a primary vehicle for change.

All soul healing is holistic, integrate somatic, transpersonal, shamanic and expressive arts therapies, and work with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of the self simultaneously.

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